Interactive Marketing: The New Frontier in Mobile Engagement [Infographic]

Video may be the up-and-coming marketing medium but interactive marketing may be the key to engaging mobile audiences.

2013 could easily be considered the year when the ad-based social media business model became the standard and marketers are looking to really capitalize on this burgeoning opportunity. The challenge for many marketers is defining engagement and then engaging the social media audience.

According to a study by haptic technology company Immersion, one way to mobile audiences is through the use of tactile and audio feedback. For those looking for new ways to engage with mobile audiences, interactive marketing could be the way to go.

It seems obvious: more engaged senses means more engaged consumers. More than 60 percent of surveyed mobile users said they keep the tactile — or haptic — feedback turned on and nearly 50 percent have audio feedback turned on. For both groups the tactile and audio feedback mechanisms provide much desired input confirmation.

While more than 40 percent of mobile users say they turn off the haptic feedback to save battery life, the Immersion study points out that haptic feedback uses very little energy compared to Bluetooth, Wifi and other background apps. Interestingly, while many users prefer the audio and tactile alerts, more than 50 percent of mobile users turn off sound because they feel it’s disruptive.

Of course, video is the up-and-coming format but marketers may also consider leveraging interactive marketing tactics as well to engage mobile audiences. Overall, mobile users value next-gen technologies that incorporate visual, haptic and audio experiences, according to the Immersion study.

Check out the infographic below.