Intelligence Community Continues Using Facebook for Recruiting

Last year it was revealed that the CIA had launched a recruiting campaign on Facebook. It appears that Secret Intelligence Service in the United Kingdom has decided to log-on to Facebook as well for recruiting purposes. The organization has launched advertisements including one which according to the Guardian says “Time for a career change? MI6 can use your skills. Join us as an operational officer collecting and analysing global intelligence to protect the UK.”

Another advertisement states “Graduates of all ages can develop long-term careers as operational officers, collecting and analysing global intelligence.” The final advertisement states “A career in world events? Help influence world events, protect the UK. Operational officer roles collecting and analysing global intelligence.”

The Guardian suggests that the responses have been positive so far. It’s not a bad model. One could theoretically provide extremely targeted advertisements to foreign nationals as well. Thanks to Facebook’s extremly high profile targeting capabilities, recruiters have jumped on the opportunity to promote new jobs.

Companies have been testing out Facebook’s targeting capabilities over the past year but many have said that it is still challenging to spend a lot of money on the ad platform. This will most definitely make it challenging for the company generate revenue especially if click-thru rates continue to be extremely low. One advertisement that probably didn’t experience low click-thru rates was MI6’s advertisement to be come a spy for the agency.

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