Intel Playing Tablet-Catchup in 2011: Many Partners, 35 Tablets, 3 Mobile Platforms

Millions of iPads have been sold since its introduction in April. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android-based tablet is off to a good start with one million units sold in its first month. This must be incredibly annoying and frustrating for microprocessor giant Intel since neither of these successful tablet launches uses one of their chips. Techspot reports Intel announced an attempt to catch up in a big way in 2011 using a scattershot approach that involves more than a dozen vendors, 35 tablet models, and three operating systems (Microsoft Windows 7, Google Android, and Intel’s own MeeGo).

Intel’s Atom to ship in over 35 tablets next year

The Android angle makes sense. Using their own MeeGo (in partnership with Nokia) Linux-based platform makes sense from an internal perspective although customers may wonder about it. But, Microsoft’s Windows 7 may be problematic on a touch-centric tablet. It would make a lot more sense to extend Windows Phone 7 for tablet use than Windows 7.