Intel is Working on Computers That Understands Human Emotion

Intel wants to make the cameras in computers and tablets more sensitive to human beings and it working on a “depth-sensing camera” that takes photos beyond 3D. The idea is not only to create a real life depth to an image, but to create a real life understanding of human emotions with a camera that can pick up on emotions and behaviors like eye tracking.

Anil Nanduri , director of perceptual products & solutions at Intel, told ComputerWorld that the cameras will help “bridge the gap between the real and virtual world,” and will help facilitate better video games and even better reading tools.

Here is more detail from the ComputerWorld story:

The webcam enhancements will help the computer understand a human better, bring new levels of interactivity to 3D games, and make webconferencing fun by blanking out the background and adding a green screen, Nanduri said.