Intel Collaborated With the NFL Yet Again to Bring Drones to the Super Bowl Halftime Show

150 flew in the stadium to spell 'One Love'

Intel choreographed 150 drones to fly during the Super Bowl 2019 halftime show. Intel
Headshot of Marty Swant

The New England Patriots aren’t the only ones making a return appearance to the Super Bowl tonight.

For this year’s halftime show, Intel collaborated with the NFL yet again to bring drones inside of the Mercedes-Benz stadium for a choreographed light show.

During a performance by Maroon 5, 150 of Intel’s Shooting Star drones took flight spelling out the words “one” and “love.” The were pre-programmed in the flight pattern ahead of the game, the company said.

Intel’s drones made their Super Bowl halftime show debut in 2017, when Intel choreographed 300 of them to fly behind Lady Gaga. After that, a 10-second spot featuring drones flew in the formation of Pepsi’s logo.

“Our team constantly looks for opportunities to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver stunning entertainment experiences with our drone technology,” said Anil Nanduri, vp and gm of the Intel’s drone division. “When we received the opportunity to bring our drone light show technology back to the Super Bowl, we were excited by the challenge to execute it live and within a closed stadium environment.”

Over the past few years, Intel has been aggressive with its drone-led marketing. Along with its Super Bowl collaborations, the company also flew 1,200 of them during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, and collaborated with the U.S. military to fly 500 in California on Independence Day.

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@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.