Intel and Asus Use the Power of the Social Community for their Next Product

It’s definitely the era of user-generated contents and ideas, crowd-sourced technologies, and social empowerment. With the way the online social community are pushing great ideas coming from diverse minds, it is no wonder that even PC manufacturers such as Asus, in partnership with Intel, another computer industry player are tapping on the wisdom of the crowd to develop the “used-conceptualized” next PC., an interactive community site established by Intel and Asus aims to get the ideas of the people who are going to use their products in coming up with their next product design. Visitors coming to can participate in the design and conceptualization of Asus’ next notebook, desktop and the popular netbooks. Visitors can vote on product concepts submitted by other people.

Anyone can submit ideas and concepts and those with great ideas/concepts will be featured on the site’s homepage where other members of the community can vote in or out submitted designs.

It is pretty interesting how imaginative and creative those who have submitted their concepts/ideas are. And if Asus and Intel would really take these submissions seriously, we might be looking at more advanced and innovatives PCs in the coming days.

In addition, owners of the selected designs/concepts will be awarded with some cool prizes. So, if your artistically and technologically inclined, you might want to join the growing community of PC lovers at