Instructional Videos and Quizzes on Neulio

neulioWhat do you want to learn today? That’s the question Neulio, a new Website featuring user-generated training content, wants the answer to.The free video host is targeting the ever-growing “how-to” segment. What sets the site apart is users’ ability to break their lessons or courses into parts. Of course you can also rate, share, tag and comment on videos. There is also an integrated quiz builder that will allow you to ask viewers to participate in a quiz after the video is complete. I was never good at tests, but this is a great way to see if you’ve retained what you have learned.

Also, quizzes can be password-protected, reserved only for a certain segment of your viewers. This will allow teachers to integrate online content with classroom instruction.

Current videos range from “Boating Safety” to “How to Take a Good Photo.” A natural video to start out with is “How to Publish a Course on Neulio.”

The current video will play in the center of the screen, while other parts of the course will appear in a side scroll window.

Communities have been set up in virtually every possible category. However, as of this writing I’m unable to click on any of the categories. Also, the Orlando-based company appears to have omitted an “About Us” tab. I realize the site is currently in beta, however, if they’re going to spring the money for a press release, we would have hoped they made sure the site was ready for prime time.

Does the world really need another instructional video site? Probably not. But the lure of classroom features such as quizzes, could open up a new business model.