Lets Local Businesses Offer Instant Rewards for Facebook Likes

Momentus Media has released a new tool called that allows brick and mortar businesses to offer customers an in-store reward for Liking their Facebook Page via mobile phone. Business owners set up a deal such as “Free Cookie with Facebook Like”, then customers visit a unique URL to view the deal, permit the Facebook app, Like the displayed Page, and show a confirmation screen to the clerk to redeem their reward. is a free, fast, simple but powerful way for local businesses to increase their Facebook fan count and collect email addresses.

Momentus Media has previously released several other lightweight apps to help businesses improve their Facebook presence, including Community Health Grader for analyzing fan engagement, and Badges.

Business owners visit the site to set up their reward, select the Page they want to drive Likes to, enter their store’s name and the details of the deal, select whether they want to collect user email addresses, and create a suffix for their unique URL. There’s no rules for how deals can be structured, so businesses can offer a reward for just a Like, or a Like and a purchase.

Once an owner saves the offer, they’ll receive their unique URL and the option to print a table tent card that explains the deal. Owners coud put the table tent in their store, or create their own signage to promote the deal.

After users have begun redeeming the deal by visiting the URL, following its instructions, and showing the confirmation screen to the clerk, owners can export a .CSV file of email addresses of these users if they’ve chosen to collect them.

The whole process of setting up a deal is intuitive and takes less than two minutes. Other services such as Likify that require users to scan a QR code with their mobile device to Like a Page are more clumsy, and don’t let businesses provide an incentive for Liking. provides a low-cost way to acquire Likes. By converting existing customers into fans, businesses can connect and publish updates to people who they know are already interested in spending money with them. has the potential to turn the occasional customer into a regular.

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