Instapundit to Breitbart: Who’s Controlling Narrative?

Glenn Reynolds, a monthly columnist at the Washington Examiner (a.k.a Instapundit), enjoys being quoted. He was quoted in a recent NPR story on conservative writer, former Drudge Report Editor Andrew Breitbart, who runs his own site, But Reynolds wonders how the story got so twisted.

Read Reynolds’s post from this morning:

“So I was quoted in a story on NPR about …Breitbart, which was pretty good, really. But this story _which on my station ran right afterward – really underscores Breitbart’s point about the media trying to control the narrative. It’s all about a crumbling coastal building in California and the threat of coastal erosion from “climate change.” If you listen closely, the story doesnÂ’t quite say that the seas are rising and that’s why that building is in trouble, it certainly gives that impression. And it never admits that there are any questions about the whole climate-change debate. Narrative, indeed.”

Read or listen to the full NPR story here.

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