Instant Op/Ed Coming Soon

060302stray_mutt_byu_opinion.jpgE&P’s Joe Strupp has a piece about how the NYT is making plans to do an instant op/ed…or at least a quicker one.

“Our Op-Ed now is very rapid response, but it is at the most the next day,” said Andrew Rosenthal. “We are looking at a way to take advantage of the expandability of the Internet, the back and forth of it and the instantaneous nature of the Internet. Taking ideas that have existed in Op-Ed form and giving them a robust position online.”

Rosenthal said three editors, among them former editorial writers, are teaming up with a Web producer to oversee the initiative. He said the team is gathering a list of numerous experts on a variety of issues to be ready to provide quick comments, essays and columns on issues or stories that come up in the news. He said the idea is to have a group that provides opinions soon after news occurs, with a solid Web space dedicated to them.

“One of them could write a piece arguing that something is a terrible idea, then another could argue that it is a great idea and a third could react to those,” Rosenthal explained. “Readers could also comment, as they do now.”

Doesn’t this sound like CNN Debate Audience Reaction Meter in print? Does everything have to be instant? Isn’t the op/ed page one of the last places (sometime) thoughtful analysis gets featured?

Here’s our instant reaction – we hate it.