Installing Google Voice On Android

We have written several posts about Google Voice, which is the free voice mail and phone call routing service from Google. For a quick overview of how Google Voice works, watch the video that Todd includes in his post from last year. For the past year Google has limited the number of people who can use the service, but they have recently opened the service up to anyone who wants to sign up for an account. If you have multiple phone numbers you might want to simplify the number of ways that people can reach you by obtaining a Google Voice number, providing that as your phone number, and configuring Google Voice to forward those calls to your actual phone numbers.
Android users will find that Google Voice is optimized particularly for running on their phone. If you are interested in trying it out on an Android phone, the MakeTechEasier web site has a good article with instructions for setting up and configuring Google Voice. You can configure Google Voice so that by default all the calls that you make using an Android phone provide the Google Voice number as the caller ID. I have Google Voice configured to prompt me for which number to use because using the Google Voice number requires a data connection to the Internet, and I find that poor data connections slow down dialing the phone. If Google Voice cannot use an Internet connection it will time out and ask whether you want to use your mobile phone number.