Instagram Your City For Social Media Week and Win A Trip

Boston's not on the list, but check out the view from the MIT Media Lab.
(Boston's not on the list, but check out the view from the MIT Media Lab.)

Every year, Social Media Week draws participants from around the world to discover new trends in mobile and social media. If you’d like a free vacation out of the deal, get out your smartphone. Social Media Week is celebrating its sixth anniversary this fall with a photography contest to highlight this year’s trend of sharing and curating photos.

To enter, take a picture of one of Social Media Week’s 14 host cities using a social photo-sharing app like Instagram, Lightbox, Hipstamatic, or StreamZoo, and add a light filter to make it stand out. Then, share your picture on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #InstagramYourCity and the city’s name.  Along with a great photo, the tweet should make it clear that you’re entering the contest with a brief explanation like, “Just submitted my entry to @SocialMediaWeek’s #InstagramYourCity for Berlin!”

The top 14 submissions (one for each city) will be featured on the Instagram Your City website.  One “Best-in-Show” winner will get a free trip to the city of their choice for the September 24-28 events. Participating cities include:

There are some great cities on this list, so start thinking about what makes yours “unique and beautiful.”  The deadline for submissions is June 29. For more details, check out the announcement on the Social Media Week blog and or read the full rules and guidelines here.