Instagram Will Now Let You Tag Friends, Add Links and Create Boomerangs in Stories

It's the biggest buildout yet

Instagram has finally one-upped Snapchat.

The Facebook-owned platform has unveiled a handful of features to Instagram Stories, which will let users tag friends, add links and even create short videos that play forwards and backwards on a loop. 

The updates, which debuted today, are the biggest the photo- and video-sharing platform has released since it launched the Snapchat copycat channel in August. (Facebook itself has said it took the idea from Snapchat, which is quickly growing both in terms of users and advertising dollars.)

Instagram's mention feature has been previously missing from any type of video product, existing instead only in the caption area below a photo. Now, if a user adds a mention inside of an Instagram Stories video, the viewer can click on the user that was mentioned to reveal a pop-up that leads to their profile. (Users will receive a mention in their Direct Messages inbox whenever someone tags them in a video.)

The addition of links—which as of now are only available for verified users—will let viewers click on a link to open a page inside the app.

An Instagram blog post explained the new features thusly:

"From discovering the latest music by Chance the Rapper (@chancetherapper) to learning about a new movie starring Dwayne Johnson (@therock) or reading a related article from Bustle (@bustle), tap "See More" or swipe up to view the link right inside the app."