Instagram Adds ‘Videos You Might Like’ to Explore Page

Instagram revamped its Explore page adding a new, personalized channel for videos, Videos You Might Like.

Instagram revamped its Explore page adding a new, personalized channel for videos, Videos You Might Like.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said in a blog post that Videos You Might Like is only available to U.S. users at launch, adding, “We’re working to bring this to the rest of the world soon.”

The feature is included in version 7.20 of the Instagram application, which was released Thursday to the iTunes App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Instagram said in its blog post:

As people share more videos than ever before, we’re making it easier to discover the ones you’ll love. To begin, you’ll find a personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like” that collects videos from across Instagram’s global community into a seamless viewing experience. And as you scroll through the Explore grid, you may also see “Featured” channels filled with videos on specific topics.

Even with these changes, Explore still works the same way: It connects you to posts about your interests from people you don’t yet follow. The more you like, the better Explore gets, adjusting to your preferences and showing you more of the stuff you enjoy. And if you see something you don’t like, tap “See Fewer Posts Like This” in the “…” menu to make your Explore experience even better.

Instagram users: What do you think of Videos You Might Like?

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