Instagram Update Adds Photo Maps

Facebook’s photosharing app Instagram has a new update that lets users add their photos to maps. Users can tap the “Photo Map” icon on their profile page to select which photos they would like to be viewable on this map. Instagram users will now be able to check out their friends’ photos on maps as well as those of other users.  Going forward the platform will ask users if they’d like to add a photo to the map.

The New York Times has more: “Currently, only 15 to 25 percent of Instagram users add their location to photographs. Someday the company hopes to offer the ability for users to see all of the images uploaded to Instagram around a certain location or event. ‘If people produce more geo-data and understand how its being used, we can do more with it,’ said Mr. Systrom. ‘Wouldn’t you want to look at the London Olympics as it happens on Instagram?'”

The app update also includes a redesigned profile screen, a redesigned upload screen, and adds infinite scrolling on photo feeds. Users will also now be able to flag inappropriate comments.