Instagram Beat Out Twitter For Daily Mobile Users In August [STATS]

For the first time in history, Instagram saw more daily users in the United States accessing its app on mobile than Twitter did. The month of August saw nearly half a million more users augmenting their photos with sepia-toned and retro lenses than sending 140 character messages every day.

These stats come to us from AllThingsD‘s report of an unpublished comScore mobile US audience measurement report.

In August, Instagram saw an average of 7.3 million daily active users, while Twitter’s average hovered around 6.868 million. That’s 432,000 more daily users for Instagram than Twitter.

And people were spending more time perfecting the retro-chic veneer they added to their photos than the things they tweeted: the data indicates that the average Instagram user spent 257 minutes using the app, while the average Twitter user spent 169.9 minutes sending and reading tweets.

The numbers are thrown into even more contrast when you consider how many total (not daily active) users each app had in August. Twitter saw 29 million monthly unique users over the entire month, and Instagram saw 22 million.

This means that, while Twitter has more total users, Instagram’s users are visiting the app more often and are spending more time with the app in the course of a month.

Since a good chunk of Twitter’s advertising revenue comes from the ads it serves up on mobile, working on user engagement and daily visits could help the company earn more. Likewise for Instagram, if Facebook can harness the already very active userbase and somehow monetize them, they’ll be in a better position to justify the $1 billion price tag the service cost.

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(Statistics and graphs via AllThingsD; winner of fight image via Shutterstock)