Instagram Stories Is Finally Bigger Than Snapchat After Copying Many of Its Features

It now has 200 million daily active users

Instagram is rapidly gaining users compared to Snapchat.
Sources: Instagram

After months of relentlessly copying Snap Inc.’s features for its own version of vertical video, Instagram says it now has 200 million people using the Stories feature on a daily basis.

Today, the Facebook-owned platform announced the latest total, putting it ahead of Snapchat’s own official count of 158 million. (Snap Inc. reported the total earlier this year in its S-1 filing ahead of the company’s IPO.)

Instagram is growing at a more rapid pace than Snap as it took just a few months to reach 200 million from the 150 million million users reported in January. Snapchat added 50 million in total in 2016, but only 5 million of those users came in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Earlier this week, Instagram added yet another Snapchat-like feature to its platform by including disappearing photos and videos in direct messages, which now has 375 million people using it on a monthly basis—up from 300 million in November.

But it doesn’t end there. In a blog post today, Instagram also added several sticker features that were previously more synonymous with Snap—including custom geostickers for four more cities (Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo), a “selfie sticker” that lets users turn their photos into mini-selfies and also a way to pin stickers within videos.

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