Instagram Public Accounts May Soon Be Able to Remove Followers

The feature is being tested

Followers who are removed are not notified
Urfan Dadashov/iStock

Instagram confirmed that it is testing a way for public accounts to remove followers, but the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network would not provide further details.

Social and digital media consultant Matt Navarra shared a screenshot from Twitter user @blueasyraff in a tweet.

And Chris Welch of The Verge reported that he and several of his colleagues with Android devices had access to the Remove Follower feature, saying that other users who are part of the test group can go to their profile pages and tap on Followers, where they will see an icon with three vertical dots to the far right of other users’ names.

Tapping that icon enables users to remove those followers, and Instagram said followers who are removed are not notified.

Instagram users with private profiles already had the ability to remove followers and block access to their accounts.

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