Instagram on Android Now Has Offline Functionality

Android users can now browse previously loaded content, leave comments and more while offline

Instagram announced at Facebook’s F8 developers conference that it has added offline support to the Android version of its photo- and video-sharing application.

As reported by Josh Constine of TechCrunch and confirmed by Facebook in an email to Social Pro Daily, the feature allows offline users to browse content already loaded in their Instagram feeds, as well as view previous versions of the app’s Explore tab and their own profiles. Users can also view profiles they’ve previously visited.

While offline, users can leave comments and likes on posts, unfollow other users and save pictures and videos. When users go back online, all of their offline actions will be finalized. Constine reported that additional offline functionality will be released for Android users in the future.

Instagram isn’t the first app to offer offline functionality for users with poor internet access. For instance, the Facebook app includes its own offline support, which, in part, allows users to draft posts while offline.

YouTube has also taken steps to serve users on slow networks, releasing YouTube Go on Android in India. The video-sharing app allows users to save videos for offline viewing, as well as send and receive videos while offline.