Instagram Now Lets You Share Polls in Stories

Instagram Stories also offers two new editing features

The new interactive poll sticker for Instagram Stories Instagram

Instagram now allows users to share two-option polls in their Instagram Stories.

Users can add polls to Story posts by selecting the “Poll” sticker from the stickers menu. From there, they can type their question, as well as the two responses. Once a poll has been created, users can drag the poll to their desired location before sharing the post.

Creators can view their poll results at a later time by watching their own Stories and swiping up on the posts containing polls. This will show the current number of votes each option has received, as well as a list breaking down how each respondent voted. Respondents, meanwhile, will see which choice is in the lead after they vote, and they can see updated results by watching the Story again later on.

Like a normal Instagram Story post, polls and their results will disappear after 24 hours.

Elsewhere, Instagram introduced two new editing features in Stories

The first is an eyedropper tool, allowing users to select any color in their photo or video and use it in the application’s text and drawing tools.

The other feature helps iOS users place stickers and text by showing when an element is centered horizontally and/or vertically, and when something will be covered by the app’s interface when someone watches the Story. When text or a sticker has been rotated, a guideline will help users return it to a horizontal orientation.

These new features are available for users running Instagram version 16 or above on iOS and Android.