Instagram: How to Customize Your QR Code

This feature replaces the platform's Nametags.

Users will be able to easily follow any account or share their account with other users Instagram

In 2018, Instagram launched Nametags, a feature that allowed users to find other users’ Instagram profiles by simply scanning Nametags, rather than typing their usernames. Now, Nametags are no longer available, and the photo- and video-sharing platform launched a QR codes feature that works in the same way.

Our guide will show you how to customize your QR code before sharing it with others.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the Instagram application on iOS.

Step 1: On your Instagram profile, tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap “QR Code.”

You’ll see your QR code and username in the center of the screen (this is the large white box in our screenshot below). Tap the button at the top of the screen to switch between three background options: Emoji, Selfie or Color. Note: If you never used Instagram’s Nametag feature and you choose the Selfie option, your front-facing camera will open and you’ll need to take a selfie photo.

For each background type, you can tap the background to see different options. Specifically, if you tap on the Emoji background, you can choose a different emoji. If you tap on the Selfie background, you can change the sunglasses/effect over your eyes (tap “Retake” in the top-right corner of the Selfie background if you want to take a new selfie). Finally, if you tap the Color background, you’ll change the background’s color.