Instagram Is Testing a Way for Users to Share Posts, Stories With Their ‘Favorites’

A 'lightweight profile refresh' is also being tested

Instagram is testing a Favorites feature, which allows users to designate a group of friends to share posts and Stories with.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said it is also testing what a spokesperson called a “lightweight profile refresh,” simplifying and organizing its features without changing how the application works.

Instagram called the Favorites test “an initial test with a small percentage of users,” and an Instagram spokesperson detailed how the feature works in an email to Social Pro Daily:

  • Go to your profile and tap on the Favorites icon at the top to add friends. Your Favorites list is in your control—only you can see the set of the friends you’ve chosen, and people can’t request to be added.
  • Create a photo or video for Stories and tap the Favorites icon at the bottom to easily send to your Favorites list. To share a feed post to your favorites, simply tap the Favorites toggle before you share.
  • Feed posts that have been shared to your Favorites live in their own tab on your profile, so you know exactly which photos and videos your Favorites can see and you can revisit them at any time.
  • Your friends can like, comment and respond to your feed posts and stories as they normally would.
  • You’ll know you’re on someone’s Favorites list if a photo or video in someone’s story or feed has the “Favorites” badge at the top right.

Instagram product lead Robby Stein discussed the test of Favorites with Casey Newton of The Verge:

People are trying to hack Instagram to create smaller audiences, and we’re trying to recognize that. We really want to get this right.

The best version of Instagram is one where you feel closer to the people you are connected to because you’re on Instagram together than you would on any other product in the world. Even if you live all over the world, you feel like you’re with them. That’s something we want to drive as the core focus of the product.