Instagram Is Shooting for More Clarity by Expanding Access to Its Branded Content Tool

Creators of posts that violate policy will receive in-app notifications

'Instagrammers with high levels of engagement and access to insights' will gain access to the tool Instagram
Headshot of David Cohen

More brands and creators on Instagram will gain access to the branded content tool it introduced in June.

The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network said in a blog post that “Instagrammers with high levels of engagement and access to insights” will gain access to the tool, adding that should any posts from new creators run afoul of its policy, those creators will receive in-application notifications, which will enable them to tag businesses in order to comply.

When Instagram introduced the “paid partnership with” sub-header in June, it said, “The new tool will allow a creator to quickly tag the business they have a relationship with. The post or story will appear with a sub-header that reads, ‘Paid partnership with,’ followed by a tag to the business partner’s account. This makes the nature of the relationship more transparent for the community. When the tool is used, both the creator and business partner will have access to insights for that post, making it easier to share how followers are engaging with these posts.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.