Instagram Continues To Grow Since Twitter Split

Twitter’s disconnects from seemingly simpatico platforms is well-known, but the part folks don’t usually focus on is this: Twitter is actually helping these Twitter-addicted tech platforms (in a round-about way).


Much like LinkedIn after it split with Twitter, Instagram is realizing it’s actually better off without the mircoblogging monkey on its back.

Simply Measured has been keeping tabs on Instagram and just released its quarterly study. The results will surprise naysayers:

[D]espite many changes on the social network over the last three months (including controversial privacy updates, web profiles, web feeds, and dropping support for Twitter cards), brand adoption [of Instagram] continues to rise.

Key finding include:

  • Brand activity is on the rise. 41 percent of brands now post at least 1 photo per week, up from only 34 percent last quarter.
  • Engagement is growing. Overall consumer engagement with top brands increased by 35 percent quarter over quarter. The average brand photo received over 4,800 engagements (likes, comments, Tweets, and Facebook shares).
  • Brand audiences continue to climb. The number of brands with 100,000+ followers increased from 8 to 10, led by MTV, Starbucks and Nike. 26 percent of brands now have over 10,000 followers, up from just 20 percent quarter over quarter.
  • Facebook plays a critical role. 98 percent of Instagram photos posted by top brands are now shared to Facebook, resulting in 274 engagements per photo, a 30 percent increase quarter over quarter. During the same period engagement with Instagram photos on Twitter has declined as Instagram dropped Twitter cards integration.

Have you been using Instagram less since its break-up with Twitter? How about LinkededIn and Tumblr – using those less too?

(Woman with monkey image from Shutterstock)