The Instagram API Has Become the Facebook Graph API

Comment moderation was also expanded in the new Instagram API

Facebook and Instagram are even closer than these icons when it comes to APIs DKart/iStock

The student has become the teacher, as the Instagram API (application-programming interface) has been upgraded to the Facebook Graph API.

Instagram announced in July that businesses could tap into the metrics and insights available via the Instagram application through the Instagram Platform API following an update under which the Instagram API was built on the same stack as Facebook’s Graph API.

Software engineer Ravi Gummadi announced Thursday’s move in a blog post, saying, “Developers can increase their efficiency by utilizing the existing, comprehensive Graph API SDKs (software-development kits), receive technical support and monitor app activity with a set of dashboards.”

Gummadi said the new Instagram API is now available to all developers, and he said the API also contains new features enabling brands on Instagram to better track their presence on the platform and the performance of their organic content via third-party tools.

He added that comment moderation was expanded in the new Instagram API, enabling brands or developers to hide comments or toggle them on or off.

The new features can only be accessed via Instagram business profiles, and Facebook Login must be used to grant permission to third-party tools.

Documentation is available here. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.