Give Your Instagram Account a Free ‘Checkup’ Today

Union Metrics launched a free Instagram 'checkup' program this week. They've also added new features to their paid Instagram analytics product.



Union Metrics, the company behind TweetReach, announced an addition to their paid Instagram analytics program and launched a free Instagram “check up.” You can do the free check up in the amount of time it takes to upload a good shot of your happy-hour nachos to Instagram.

The tool helps you analyze when the best time to post is, who your fans are, what kinds of hashtags are working for you and what sort of content is performing best on your account. Check it out here.

The update to the paid program includes a new dashboard that highlights trends and tracks hashtags across Instagram as a whole and compares your Instagram account to similar ones. In a statement, Union Metrics CEO Hayes Davis said:

What sets these updates apart from other Instagram analytics on the market is the depth of the insights we’re providing for both free and paid users. No other product makes it easier to understand what’s working and what you should do next to create better content and reach new audiences on Instagram.

If you’re running the free checkup for a brand or a personal account, make sure you’re already posting on a regular basis to your Instagram account. I tried to run one for my personal account, which I admittedly have been using more to browse recently, and there wasn’t enough recent data to be of any help.

Union Metrics also has professional Twitter and Tumblr analytics packages in addition to the TweetReach and Instagram analytics.