Look at The World Through Instagram Colored Glasses

Instagram is an immensely popular photo editing app, so much so that Facebook bought it for a record $1 billion. The many users love the effects, and love to take and share photos. How many do you think would be interested in seeing the world through Instagram filtered glasses? If the design concept ever comes to market, you just might be able to.

A German artist and product designer by the name of Markus Gerke has recently unveiled his idea for a reality altering pair of sunglasses. He’s calling them Instaglasses.

This concept is similar to Google glasses, but instead of a small screen Instaglasses aims to replace your entire field of view. It consists of a camera and a pair of screens where the lenses should be. When activated, the glasses will apply one of the numerous filters offered by Instagram, and it will change what you’re seeing in real time. The following image shows a before and after.

I have to wonder what will happen if the battery runs out. I think the screens would go black, and that’s not a good thing.

Actually, where is the battery? Image processing takes a lot of power, so it would seem that this concept would need a large battery, don’t you think?