In/Spree Launches Instagram for Shopping App on iOS

The app allows users to browse and purchase clothing worn by ‘fashion influencers.’

In/Spree has announced the launch of its social shopping app, which allows users to browse and purchase clothing worn by ‘fashion influencers.’ Described as Instagram for shopping, the app allows users to follow influencers and shop for items that either match or are inspired by the items they’re wearing in pictures.

When signing up for In/Spree, users can categorize themselves as ‘users’ or ‘influencers.’ To be accepted as an influencer, user must have a social media account with at least 10,000 followers. Once non-influencers have signed up for an account, they can follow influencers to view their future posts in their feed.

In:Spree Screenshots

When browsing content, users can post likes or comments on pictures, as well as tap on ‘Want’ and ‘Shop the Look’ buttons. The Want button adds the picture to the user’s Want list, where they can keep track of all of their favorite pictures. Meanwhile, the Shop the Look button allows users to shop for items included in or inspired by the outfit in the picture.

While shopping, users may be able to add an item directly to their in-app cart and complete the purchase within the app. For some items, however, users will need to buy the item by visiting a store’s website through the app’s Web browser.

In/Spree was founded by siblings Ashley and Brendan Eapen, who have raised approximately $250,000 in the latest round of funding for the platform.

In a statement, Ashley Marie Eapen, co-founder and president of In/Spree, commented:

I’m a teenager, and that made co-founding In/Spree difficult at the beginning. People didn’t take me seriously, but my drive was never subdued. Now In/Spree is a million dollar company. It’s revolutionary in the way it allows users to browse the looks they love and make purchases that inspire them, all within the one platform.

In/Spree is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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