Inspire Change…Just Like Barack Obama

The 2008 presidential election helped shape the apathy dust off of many U.S. citizens. In record numbers, people became interested in the political process and its outcome. It remains to be seen how many folks will revert back to their ‘innocent bystander’ ways. For those who want to carry the torch of ‘change’ a step further, meet PolicyPitch.

The community action platform, developed by New Orleans-based venture development company Barbarian Enterprises, lets you turn your neighborhood improvements ideas into reality.

After a free registration process, individuals create a page that lets them outline their ideas. The goal is to then find supporters to either donate money, sign a petition, or help you flesh out the idea. Whether it’s a new community initiative, change in public policy, or campaigning to raise awareness on an issue, PP is your venue to elicit change.

If you’re not the community activist type you can peruse, vote on and rate ideas. These can be found via search box, state/city filter, zip code or tag cloud.

My zip code doesn’t yield any results, but any successful grassroots effort takes time.

Perhaps the power is returning to the people.

The site asks that you “Inspire change, instigate action, and make something happen. Change your city.”

Social network integration with Facebook and MySpace is on the way, along with several other enhancements.

Now I finally have a place to see if that train horn is waking anyone else up at 3am!