Inspiration for the Thinking (Wo)Man

Inspiration for the Thinking (Wo)Man


This book has been kicking around with me from gallery to home and back again for a while now and this morning was the first chance I had to pick it up and give it a look. I received it in the mail, though I don’t know whether it was in my capacity as an art dealer or a design blogger. Either way, I like it. I like books in general. I especially like indie projects, whether they’re self-published (which is becoming easier and easier) or done via vanity presses or what have you.

Anyway, Text\Image, by Wynn Dan is a limited edition book of black and white pictures accompanied by quotes from notables from Kirkegaard to Pauline Kael to Corbusier. In small doses, it’s refreshing. Digested in quick succession, I begin to feel like I’m staring at my College-era dorm room door. But, as is evidenced by the name of this very blog, I am fond of quotes, and even more fond of quotable people.

Since I am on a bit of an architecture kick this week, here’s one from Le Corbusier:

A hundred times I have thought New York is a catastrophe and fifty times: it is a beautiful catastrophe.