Insightpool’s Universal Search Tool Makes It Easier for Brands to Find Influencers of All Kinds

Marketers can filter 600 million profiles in seconds

Clearly defining who's a social influencer, these days, is becoming more difficult. At least, that's according to Insightpool CEO Devon Wijesinghe.

His platform and service has recently announced a new tool that will "democratize" that social influencer information.

This is Insightpool's new Universal Search function. In it, marketers or brands can search through publicly available information that has categorized everyone on every type of social media platform, even including the ones you might overlook at first, like Yelp or Reddit. 


"Our society says, for now, that 'millennials rule social media,' but they don't want to feel like they're being sold to," Wijesinghe told Adweek. "Social marketing, not paid marketing, can add contextual experience to these brands."

The Universal Search tool on Insightpool connects brand with influencers of varying degress; marketers can search using broad or narrow categories, in order to get as specific an audience as possible.

"This platform has 600 million profiles from over 100 social networks, and it's not opt-in," he said. "Marketers aren't always going to get Tyra Banks to talk about their product, but there are thousands of people who are just as influential in their respective fields."

Marketers can also use the search functions to sort by ranking or relevancy, depending on the type of connection they want to make with an audience. The tool wants to eliminate the hassle of combing through your own spreadsheets and notes on who tweets what by collecting all publicly available info from those networks.

"If you're a brand new soda company, that dynamically changes who will engage with you, but this tool can help you find exactly who you're looking for," said Wijesinghe.

"Sure, Procter & Gamble can pay someone $20,000 for one tweet," he said, "but great, smaller companies can start reaching out and getting momentum from this tool to get people emboldened toward the brand."

Scott Markle, the senior director of audience and business development at and, part of Cox Media Group, has been using the tool with great success.

"We now have access to a large and diverse network of influencers that we can engage at scale through one single interface," said Markle.

"The most important feature is understanding their level of influence and being able to bring them into a relationship where we can create experiences together," he said.

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