Insiders Only for ESPN-The Magazine, ESPN Insider iPhone Apps

The ESPN-The Magazine and ESPN Insider iPhone apps are currently awaiting Apple approval, but ESPN Publishing general manager and editorial director Gary Hoenig told paidContent the Disney-owned sports giant is tying the apps to its premium ESPN Insider membership.

The initial download will be free, according to paidContent, but after one digital issue of the magazine, current ESPN Insider members can use their login, while others will be prompted with an offer to pay $9.99 for six months, with plans also available for $60 for two years or roughly $40 for one year.

Hoenig told paidContent:

We don’t see it as a major means to add subs or revenue. We see it as a great way to promote the overall Insider experience. To me, the question is not whether people will pay, but how. … If you make that easy, people will do it; you don’t, they won’t. Right now, with the possible exception of Amazon, no one comes close.

Chevrolet is the presenting sponsor, with placement across the apps, the magazine, and the ESPN Insider site, paidContent reported.