Inside the Mind of Maxim‘s New Editor

jimmy_jellinek_bt.jpgWhile doing some research on Maxim‘s new editor Jimmy Jellinek, we were at once reminded of the sheer brilliance that was the Black Table [FULL DISCLOSURE: we once wrote for them] and how different the laddie mag editor’s planet is from ours:

BT: So, out of all the things you guys cover — tits, gadgets, uh, beer pong, tits — which is your favorite? Which portion of the job do you just wake up and say, “F*ck, man, my job rules!”? Or do you not even say that anymore?

JJ: Just the mere fact that I get to do what I get to do gets me up in the morning. The idea of having to do something else is so abhorrent I break out in hives when I think about the idea that this job is a young man’s game and eventually they’ll push the auto-destruct button on my back and I’ll be forced to actually work for a living editing Chemical Digest. The tits aren’t all that exciting anymore I’m sorry to say.

BT: Do you think men’s magazines can be considered “journalism” at any point? And do you consider anything Stuff does vapid? And is vapid good for this type of enterprise?

JJ: That’s such a short-sighted douche-bag question from someone who dabbles in nothing but vapidity. The blogosphere, if that’s what you f*cking retards call it, has proven once and for all that news and journalism are whatever you decide it is.

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