Inside the Magical World of Gary Baseman

When last we checked in on Gary Baseman and his wonderfully addictive aesthetic, the self-described “pervasive artist” was preparing for an L.A. exhibition opening that included jugglers, fire eaters, and a ritual tribute to the bittersweetness of life. Since then, he’s been busy producing a safe sex campaign for World AIDS Day, designing surreal cufflinks for Hobbs & Kent, creating a matte black vinyl covetable for Kid Robot, and mounting a show of his work at Sao Paulo’s Galeria Choque Cultural (on view through February 27). How does he do it all? Magic, and possibly witchcraft. A new video (posted below) produced by surf/skate brand Hurley provides a glimpse into Baseman’s home studio, including interview footage of him discussing his work whilst stroking a black cat. “The goal of my life pretty much is to walk through walls,” says Baseman. “And what I mean by that is…that I’m able to create things and not see the boundaries and barriers that are created in the real world.” Black cats? Walking through walls? Shelves of spooky, if charming, talismans? No wonder we’re powerless to resist Baseman’s demon-infested paintings and wide-eyed devils.