Inside Social Games’ Top 20 Social Games for June 24, 2008

As the social gaming space grows, Inside Social Games will be keeping track of the top Facebook games. Here’s a first look at the top 20 social games on Facebook as of today, June 24, 2008:

Rank Title Daily Active Users Developer
1 Owned 719,375 MyYearbook
2 Friends For Sale 696,507 Serious Business
3 Texas HoldEm Poker 592,577 Zynga
4 (Lil) Green Patch 583,400 Ashish Dixit and David King
5 Scrabulous 475,116 Agarwalla Brothers
6 Mob Wars 365,330 Unknown
7 Bowling Buddies 314,291 Playfish
8 Who Has the Biggest Brain? 293,112 Playfish
9 Word Challenge 255,019 Playfish
10 Pokey 245,624 Bonehead Labs
11 Speed Racing 213,552 Zynga
12 MindJolt Games 183,560 MindJolt
13 Scramble 159,550 Zynga
14 Parking Wars 139,990 area/code
15 Bubble Town 128,833 I-play
16 Pet Pupz 127,158 Nicola Borchard and Matt Beswick
17 Premier Football 124,563 PageFad
18 Word Twist 113,547 Zynga
19 Tower Bloxx 102,144 Digital Chocolate
20 Knighthood 97,727 Hive7

Some interesting observations:

  • This list only measures DAU, not engagement or monetization, of course.
  • 5 of the top 10 and 21 of the top 50 Facebook apps are games.
  • Social network MyYearbook has the most popular game on Facebook, Owned. It is a copy cat of Serious Business‘s Friends For Sale, which is only slightly behind at #2.
  • Playfish is a rising star with 3 out of the top 10 games. Their engagement rate as a company is also at 13%, the highest of any large app developer on Facebook.
  • Zynga has 4 apps on this list, and is the 3rd largest Facebook developer overall in terms of DAU, behind Slide and RockYou.
  • Even though Nicknames, the largest app in terms of DAU by social game developer SGN, doesn’t make it into this list, SGN is the 7th largest Facebook developer overall in terms of DAU.

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