Inside Social Apps 2010: Social Gaming Has an Even Bigger Future

Our Inside Social Apps 2010 conference kicked off this morning with a panel of top social gaming executives: Peter Relan, chairman of CrowdStar; Keith Rabois, executive VP at Slide; Vish Makhijani, COO of Zynga; Kavin Stewart, VP of product at LOLapps; and John Pleasants, the CEO of Playdom.

Our own Eric Eldon moderated, and got some interesting answers from the panelists about monetization, international markets, the next big hit and more. Full edited interview notes are below; we’ll start off here with a recap of the high points.

Note: You can check out tweets from this and other conference sessions via the #isa2010 hashtag on Twitter.

Most of the panelists agreed that 2010 will bring better social features and potentially more complexity to social games, along with more options for asynchronous interaction between players. Right now, players don’t directly interact and have little effect on each other. Synchronous interaction is also a possibility, but not all of the panelists agreed that it should be a feature in social games.

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