Inside Social Apps 2010: Sebastien de Halleux Says Brands Rule, and Social Gaming Will Consolidate

Our second gaming-related talk at Inside Social Apps was given by Sebastien de Halleux the co-founder and COO of Playfish, which wasacquired for $400 million last year by EA. Halleux, who also previously a director at Glu Mobile, wanted to give a retrospective of gaming, with a view to predicting the future.

The take-home message: social games will very quickly balloon out into gaming as a whole, so that the industry is expanded for everyone. But at the same time, the idea of “social games” will quickly disappear. “Nobody ever talked about social games outside this room, so this was a short-lived phenomenon,” Halleux said.

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Halleux, of course, has a very different view from most of our other panelists. While social gaming companies have hired a number of executives away from Electronic Arts, Halleux went the other direction, joining the gaming giant after it bought Playfish. So when he says that traditional games will take on a social component that rivals what’s on Facebook, he may be talking about something that’s already happening inside EA.

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