Inside Seattle Times’ Digital First Newsroom

Via the Knight Digital Media Center: The Seattle Times has reorganized its newsroom around the three C’s: creation, curation, and community.

Kathy Best, who previously led the Times’ digital efforts, is now in charge of the paper’s newsgathering efforts, so it is truly a digital-first reorganization.

Below her are three functions: reporters, editors and videographers create content, the production and design staff curate it (we suppose that means “prepare it for publication, adding relevant links where necessary” in this context), and community managers manage the Times’ blog network and interact with commenters.

Five years ago, the website and print product may as well have been separate companies, executive editor David Boardman told the KDMC.

“We were in the same newsroom physically, but it was a situation where the online operation was just a processing operation and the website was just the newspaper online with a few updates throughout the day. There was a little bit of dabbling with multi-media, blogging, but not much.”

Now the paper is better poised to take advantage of the strengths of both print and web. Michelle McLellan says the reorg seems a “promising departure” from “structures in many newsrooms that still focus on the print cycle.”