Inside Facebook’s Week in Review for July 20, 2008

As the Facebook Developer community is busily preparing their apps for the launch of the profile redesign and gearing up for a big week at f8, here’s a quick recap of the week’s top stories.

1. Facebook Profile Redesign Beta Launches… Almost.

The long-awaited beta launch of the Facebook profile redesign was announced to be going live on Wednesday. However, Facebook took a few extra days to work kinks out of the system, and wrote last night that the redesign will be launching tonight. Developers can still access the new profile in the developer sandbox. Facebook released some details on new features available for the redesign migration earlier this week. Inside Facebook gives a tour for developers to see what your app will look like after the redesign launches.

2. f8 is Coming Up This WeekGet Ready for Facebook Connect, but Don’t Expect to See Payments.

The second annual f8 Developers’ Conference is this Wednesday, July 23 in San Francisco. Mark Zuckerberg will be delivering a keynote, and technical, business, and user experience tracks are planned throughout the day. Facebook will be taking the covers off of Facebook Connect, its reincarnated API for website developers, but don’t expect to see a launch of the rumored Platform payments system this week.

3. Social Me Disappears, Returns a Second Time

Just a few days after Facebook application Social Me reappeared on the Facebook Platform after a 2 week suspension, it disappeared again. Since then, it has returned for the second time. Dan Abelon, lead developer on the SpeedDate application (was was also briefly suspended by Facebook recently), offered his thoughts and advice on how to steer clear of Facebook Platform policy violations.

4. Marketers Present Social Advertising Case Studies

As more marketers move into social media for the first time, conferences are emerging to help share best practices and learn from early case studies. This week’s SWAT Summit was one of the first dedicated to just that – how to run effective campaigns on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks.