Inside David LaChapelle’s L.A. Home

inside view.jpgGiven his expertise at crafting and capturing candy-colored hyperrealities, one might expect the home of photographer David LaChapelle to be awash in glitter, shocking pink, and shocking pink glitter. Nope. We recognized this real estate listing as LaChapelle’s three-bedroom Hollywood Hills home, a “charming 1920s original Spanish with great open floor plan, wonderful light, great outdoor spaces, and true swimmers pool and secluded spa.” The 1,912-square-foot house can be yours for $1.65 million. Among the tip-offs that this understated abode is home to the man Richard Avedon once compared to René Magritte? The copy of the classic Taschen megavolume SUMO by Helmut Newton (that’s it in the living room, atop its distinctive Philippe Starck-designed display stand). Located only “moments from Chateau Marmont,” LaChapelle’s house will also be proximal to a new retail project that we hear is among his latest investments: a Sunset Boulevard lingerie boutique that will be run by Courtney Love.