Inside a Politico Editorial Meeting

Ever wondered what the inside of a Politico editorial meeting looks like? Watch this satire video created by xtranormal.

It goes like this: Executive Editor Jim VandeHei grills Mike Allen, who dresses like a superhero and speaks like a robot. “Jesus Mike, I told you to stop wearing that costume!” VandeHei scolds Allen.

Allen replies: “For the last time, Jim, I told you, I am not Mike Allen. I am News Cycle Man, here to win the morning.”

Robot Allen gives VandeHei (who’s dressed in a strange, ill-fitting gray suit, a red tie and glasses) a rundown of the story list and who’s writing what. A sampling: “Andy Barr is busy writing a haiku poem to Sarah Palin’s new press secretary. …Jonathan Martin is taking Dick Cheney’s Labradoodle to be groomed. John Harris is teepeeing the Washington Post building. … And Michael Calderone is working on a blockbuster story on [MSNBC’s] Joe Scarborough’s sweater vests.

VandeHei: “Idiots, well I guess it’s just you and me.”

A must watch. What is xtranormal? We’re not sure entirely, but it’s mission is to “bring movie-making to the people. …You type something; we turn it into a movie. On the web and on the desktop.”