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Congrats to the Post’s Scott Butterworth, David Hall, Rose Jacobius, Tom Kavanagh, David Larimer, Pat Myers, Doug Norwood, Michael Stuntz, Mickey Trimarchi and Martha Wright for winning Awards of Excellence (second place…you know, the first loser) for their headlines, as recognized by the American Copy Editors Society annual headline contest recently.

Some of the winners:

  • If a Boss Falls, Look Out Below: High-Level Exits Have Put Proteges In Jeopardy (Stuntz)

  • A Couch Tom Cruise Won’t Jump On: Actor Lambastes Psychiatry on ‘Today’ (Wright)

  • A Clockwork Lemon: ‘Robots’ Creates a Fantastic Setting, Then Fills It With Insipid Characters (Butterworth)

  • And She Loved Him: Cynthia Lennon Pens A Memoir of Her Beatle (Hall)

  • The Phrases of Grief: To Deal With Tragedy, Joan Didion Ventured Beyond Her Famously Polished Prose (Jacobius)

  • Technicolor Dream Coats: Little Pink Houses (Purple and Blue, Too) Spring From a Palette of Vivid Colors (Trimarchi)

  • They Took Her T-Bird Away: Suzanne Somers Tried to Tell All, but Few Cared Enough to Listen (Kavanagh)

  • 2 Hours of the Albatross: Sean Penn’s Over-the-Top Performance Doesn’t Translate in ‘The Interpreter’ (Norwood)

  • A Return Less About Zen Than Yen – and the Money’s Not Bad, Either (column about Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson)(Larimer)

  • Kicker: Fall Television Preview 2005 Ewws and Ahhs. Too Many Shows Will Give Viewers the Creeps This Season, but a Few Noble Souls Save the Day (Myers)

    One has to wonder what these winners think of this.

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