Inquiring Minds Want To Know


This summer, 22 people will be stranded on heavenly Vinalhaven Island, forced to cook their own meals and fend for themselves in the Maine wilderness while discussing their role as designers.

No, it’s not “Survivor: Design Island.” But it’s definitely a lot like summer camp. And it’s supposed to be one of the coolest design conference experiences ever.

DesignInquiry was created by Margo Halverson and Melle Cooper to simulate the small group interactions that are usually found in the convention center hallways of larger conferences. They invite Famous Designers to explore a theme through a series of presentations, and seriously, only 22 people can attend. This year they’ve chosen a rather interesting topic: More than business as usual. We’ll leave you with this thought:

“Is work only something we are paid for? What of the hobbies we pursue at weekends? Could work be redefined as the activity we pursue with the most energy? What can the designer learn from being an amateur?”

June 22-27, 2006.