Inq Mobile launches content discovery application Material on iOS

Following a launch on Android earlier this year, Inq Mobile has announced the launch of content discovery platform Material on iOS devices. Material looks to offer a personalized experience, collecting blog entries, videos, music, articles and more and presenting them to users twice a day. The information is gathered to match content users already currently enjoy, based on what they’ve liked or shared on Twitter and Facebook.

To get the most out of Material, users are encouraged to connect the service to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. From there, the app pulls in a variety of content from sources users may already know and follow, or new sources that are similar to those known outlets. The platform is said to search millions of websites, and not just rely upon the “usual sources.”

Material becomes smarter as users continue to use the service, with a proprietary algorithm that continues to analyze users’ social activity, pulling in new content as users’ tastes change. Users can also manually alter the content they receive by entering interests into the system, or hiding topics they’ve grown tired of. Of course, with built in Twitter and Facebook connectivity, users can share any content back to those social networks once they find something interesting.

“With the avalanche of content out there, we’re focused on finding new and exciting ways for people to get directly to the things they love,” said Ken Johnstone, CEO and Co-Founder of Inq Mobile, in a company statement. “Material was the result of this thinking, an app that takes all the hard work out of finding great stuff.”

Material is free to download on both iOS and Google Play. You can follow the app’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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