Innovative companies you should be watching: UNIQLO

Some of the most exciting innovation in the combination of technology and media happens outside of the journalism industry. Apparel manufacturer UNIQLO is, like many non-journalism companies nowadays, taking the media into its own hands by producing online and interactive content designed to pull visitors in and show off their brand.

Take for instance the show-stopping interactive video produced exclusively for the company that featured models walking down a runway. As the models walked by, visitors could click a piece of clothing and immediately be taken to the site where the garment could be purchased. A recording of the video and the screenshot of the interactivity are below.

Another interesting UNIQLO feature was its Tokyo Fashion Map that combined 1,000 photos of people in various locations in Tokyo with a Google map that indicated where the photos were taken.

UNIQLO isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path with quirky tools like COLOR TWEET! that transform Twitter feeds or keywords into a colorful visual concoction.

Of course, UNIQLO has both an iPad and iPhone app. However, instead of using the mobile medium to push its own content, the company created a beautiful calendar app that is useful, fun to look at, and most importantly promotes brand awareness.

While the aforementioned projects may not relate to journalism explicitly, seeing how other creatives are using the web and media can inspire your own work. You can find more innovative projects from UNIQLO here.