Innovation Is Not Dead: Interactive Vending at the Mall

It would seem that in these cash-starved times that innovation would be kaput, but there’s clearly not the case, it’s just coming a little slower than usual. Anyhow, if you’re an iPhone nut, interactive vending could be just the thing for you. It’s like the Apple gadget, just a lot larger and filled with cold cans of Coca-Cola. How’s that for refreshment, particularly on a hot day? Here’s the scoop: Samsung’s uVending touch-screen technology uses animation and an interactive menu to advertise the products in the machine. A 46-inch display also guide users to make selections. Samsung demonstrated the new techno-wizardry on a multimedia vending machine for Coca-Cola at the International CES trade show. Wait! There’s more: the vending machine is also equipped with Wifi for automatic refill ordering and “hey, there’s no more Pepsi!” updates, along with motion sensors and a built-in camera to record vandalism attempts, according to PSFK. The appliances will make their debut in the U.S. at the Simon mall chain. Just don’t try shaking one of these for a free soda, a cop might be watching.