Innospark’s Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars Launches on iOS, Android

The base-building combat game challenges players to collect resources and defeat their enemies across single-player and multiplayer battles.

Hero Sky

Innospark has launched Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars on iOS and Android devices, bringing a new base-building combat game to players, set in ancient times. Players summon heroes to lead their army in battle against other players or computer controlled camps, and will also build a base by balancing the use of two major resources: nectar and gold.

In Hero Sky, players build a base by constructing nectar and gold production buildings, and storage buildings to hold their resources. These buildings must be regularly upgraded over time to produce and store more resources, in order to continue expanding the village with increased defenses, a more advanced Town Hall, and so on.

Hero Sky

Players use a Barracks to train troops, from archers and thieves to giants, golems, wall-breakers and more. A player’s army capacity is limited, but even if they deploy every eligible troop in battle, the surviving units return to the player’s kingdom after the battle is complete (rather than disappearing, as in other games).

In terms of heroes, these are earned for free every 12 hours via a summoning mechanic, or players can spend premium currency to receive more valuable heroes instantly. Gamers can level up and even evolve their heroes over time, using the excess hero cards they’d like to part with.

Hero Sky

In addition to summoning heroes, Hero Sky is further monetized by the purchase of Builder’s Huts, which allow users to complete more actions simultaneously. Gamers can spend currency to speed up current building, recruitment and upgrading tasks, or spend currency to increase the boost heroes receive during the leveling-up process (among other purchase options). An achievements system gives players a chance to receive free premium currency as they complete specific tasks.

Hero Sky is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.