InnoGames Brings Tribal Wars 2 to Android

Tribal Wars 2InnoGames has announced the launch of an Android version of its popular strategy game, Tribal Wars 2. Previously released on browser, the game offers cross-platform support across devices, allowing players to switch between devices without losing progress. In Tribal Wars 2, players build a village in a medieval setting, fighting enemies in a struggle to survive and expand their empire.

As a base-building combat game, players construct their kingdom by balancing the use of resources, including clay, iron and wood. These are used to upgrade existing structures (increasing their productivity), or construct entirely new buildings, like a barracks.

This barracks allows users to train offensive and defensive units for their army. Out on the world map, these units can be sent to attack other players’ bases or those controlled by the computer. After they’ve been triggered, battles take place automatically in the background, so players can get back to building their kingdom while they wait.

Social features give users the ability to join alliances with other players and chat in forums. Furthermore, players can have specific allies and form nonaggression pacts with these users, or form rivalries with their competitors.

During its first six weeks in browser beta, Tribal Wars 2 acquired over one million registered players.

Tribal Wars 2 is available to download for free on Google Play. The iOS version of the app, which will also offer cross-platform support, will launch soon.