InnaWorld Wants Us to Create a SocialDNA

For awhile I thought that InnaWorld belongs to what I call one of ’em social networking startups that keep on popping out of the web everyday. But although InnaWorld offers pretty much the same old stuff that other social networks have already offered before, InnaWorld went a bit farther ahead with a new feature – a joint social network profile which you can share with your families or loved ones.

And when we say share profile, we mean it in the true sense of the word “shared”. Meaning you and your family, friends or loved one will have a joint profile, not just password sharing as other social network offers. likes calling itself a social DNA, or a social networking that allows you to create unique personals profiles and WebPages online.

The site was designed in such a way that maximum control is given to members in identifying which part of their profile they would want to go public and which part they want to remain in private mode. The site is unique as it allows you to have both a profile page – which makes it easy for your friends and family to find you and we also offer you a personal WebPage to allow you to create and express your individuality, showcase a talent, or advertise your business or network opportunity online.

InnaWorld is currently in beta stage but looks to be a promising social network and we would love to see it gain hype and buzz that it needs to make it to the mainstream of the social netwoking niche.