InMobi unveils new video ad formats for driving user engagement


Mobile advertising network InMobi has revealed its set of new video ad formats, aimed at driving higher engagement rates by creating an “immersive consumer experience.” The platform offers four new video formats, which offer features from standard video ads, while also taking advantage of the tools available in mobile devices (geolocation tracking, the touch screen and more).

video-ads-phone3While InMobi offers “classic” video formats, including full-screen interstitials and pre-roll video ads, brands now have these advanced ad formats as options. The first, Interactive Canvases, overlay interactive content on top of a video, including clickable windows and call-to-action buttons.

Another option, Video SmartAds, allows consumers to receive relevant ads based on a variety of factors, including their current location, weather and more. InMobi offers an example of such an ad, where users would receive an ad for a cool summer drink when it’s hot where they live.

Video Continuums allow brands to identify and re-target consumers to receive ads in a preset video series. These ads can be designed with similar backgrounds, frames or appearance triggers, so users become familiar with the brand and the fact the videos are part of a series.

Finally, the Form Capture format allows brands to learn more about consumer preferences, based on customizable questions or triggers that appear during the video ad.

During InMobi’s pilot program, developers of games, music, media and entertainment apps saw an increase of up to 200 percent in app install rates thanks to these video app promotions. Since these video ad views aren’t incentivized, InMobi says this leads to developers attracting more engaged and higher value users, who are likely to generate more revenue for developers.

“At InMobi, we strive to deliver great consumer experiences. We have in excess of one billion video ad impressions demonstrating the scale and reach of our offering,” said Piyush Shah, Vice President of Products at InMobi. “Our video offerings span multiple video ad formats, award-winning creatives and deep analytics, all leveraging our big data capabilities targeted at delivering a theatre-like experience to consumers.”

More information about InMobi’s new video ad formats is available on the company’s website.